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JIC:ADI was established to address the increasing demand citizens have for firearms training and armed defense instruction. Rather than build another gun business, we chose to build and grow a network of people, of all skill levels and abilities, with a range of interests from personal defense advocates to firearms enthusiasts.

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Basic Rifle Course

Basic Rifle
Groups of 4

​In BR, we cover semiautomatic and bolt action rifles.

In this course, you’ll gain greater knowledge of the long gun of your choosing. From sighting your rifle, using scopes vs iron sights, to understanding the various calibers, and their specific uses, strengths and weaknesses. Learn basic safety and how to field strip your weapon for cleaning and maintenance.

Basic Shotgun Course

Basic Shotgun
Groups of 4

In our Basic Shotgun course we offer pump and semiautomatic actions.

In this course you’ll gain greater knowledge of the long gun of your choosing. Learn the difference between target shooting, hunting and home defense applications of your Shotgun. Learn basic safety and how to field strip your weapon for cleaning and maintenance.

Classes & Training

  • NC Concealed Carry Handgun Class
  • Private Firearms Instruction
  • Handgun Fundamentals
  • Basic Rifle Course
  • Basic Shotgun Course
  • Home Defense & Wound Trauma Course

We offer all brands of firearm makers:


Charles Daly 601 Tactical 12 Ga Semi-Auto w/ Pistol Grip combo $359

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Firearm sales & Consultations

Let us help you find the right firearm for your personal and home defense needs. We perform transfers too!


Whether you are a new or experienced shooter, get some quality range time and useful tips that will make you more effective when you need it most.

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NC & SC Conceal Carry classes

We offer CCH classes for NC & SC residents. New shooters are welcome. Firearm, ammo & range fee included.

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Emergency Preparedness & Home Defense

Expect the best but be prepared for the worst. Learn life saving skills and take cost free steps to safeguard your home against threats.

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Firearm Sales & Consultations

Free consultation on your next firearm purchase. Let us help you find the right firearm for your personal and home defense needs. We perform transfer too!

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Everything you need to know about firearms

At least 265 million weapons are owned by people in the United States. As a result, the United States has the highest rate of black-owned gun dealer in the world. If you're considering about purchasing your first firearm, black firearm instructor North Carolina can assist you.

We'll look at the gun-buying process as well as the top safety precautions that every gun owner should be aware of in this guide. So go ahead and take a peek! You might be firing your own weapon before you know it.Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about purchasing and firing a firearm.

The Purchase of Firearms

Many individuals believe that in order to own a gun, they must first obtain a federal weapons license or complete a particular course. However, obtaining a firearm can be a rather simple and painless process that does not necessitate any form of licensing. Simply walk into firearm sales North Carolina and get one.

Bring a government-issued photo ID with you.

To acquire a black gun dealer North Carolina, all you need is a copy of your government-issued identity card to confirm you're of legal purchasing age. You must have identification that shows your current residence.

Buying a Gun at a Gun Show

Will you be purchasing your first firearm at a gun show? Every handgun purchase and transfer conducted at a gun show requires the assistance of black owned gun company North Carolina and Black Owned Firearms Store North Carolina.

Rules for Gun Safety

You'll need to brush up on your gun safety skills because you're ready to acquire your first gun. As a gun owner, the most important thing to learn is firearm safety from Just In Case ADI North Carolina. Always treat a gun as if it's loaded is the first golden rule of gun safety.

The gun is always ready to fire.

Pretend there is ammunition whenever you are carrying a gun, even if you know there isn't any. This includes not pointing the pistol at anyone and handling it with extreme caution. Instead, point the pistol in a safe direction at all times.

If an accidental discharge could result in injury or harm, the guns should not be pointed in a dangerous direction.

Remove Your Finger from the Trigger

Your finger will most likely find its way to the trigger position the first time you hold a rifle. Unless you're about to fire a shot, your finger should never contact the trigger of your gun.

That concludes the discussion. All of our best gun-buying and gun-owning advice. We're delighted we were able to teach you about the ins and outs of gun safety.

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